Kayak with Friends & Family

Enjoy the peaceful Lake George with your friends and family, in either single or tandem (double seated) kayaks. No Wake makes every trip enjoyeable and undisturbed. Ages 18+ and minors (10+) must be accompied with an adult.

The Outdoors Are Reasonably Close

Beautiful scenery and easily accessible: Kayaking on Lake George is a quick get-away tucked right in your backyard. With three parks accessible from the lake, and pier access to downtown, you can always take a break and visit downtown Hobart for a quick bite to eat.


2015 was a great year to be on the water, stay tuned for warmer weather in 2016!

Weather Permitting

It's best not to be out on the lake when a storm rolls in, and unfortunately that can put quite the hamper on a day planned for a trip on the water. Should weather conditions clear up quickly, we will resume rentals as deemed suitable. We will suspend kayak rentals, under the following conditions:

High-level Water

For current status: Call Us by phone at (219) 942-0016.

Lake Hours

Weather Permitting
09:30 A.M. - 05:00 P.M.
10:00 A.M. - 05:00 P.M.

After 2 on Sat. & all Sun.
Please go straight to the Lake
North of the Clocktower



1 Hour - $20
2 Hours - $35


1 Hour - $25
2 Hours - $45

Safety in Mind

Kayaking on Lake George is brought to you by the folks at Lake County Divers Supply. We specialize with safety in mind, and have spared no expense in keeping our patrons safe in and on the water. Each kayak is provided with the proper equipment

We hope to bring gradual improvements with the experience, and are working closely with the Parks and Recreation side of Hobart to deliver an amazing experience for you! LCDS staff is actively involved, and we even make a priority of removing any and all man-made waste we encounter during our outings.

The Best Way to Explore Lake George

Kayaking is an incredibly simple and fun paddlesport, which allows 1 or 2 persons to explore rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. We have selected wide based kayaks for their record of being very difficult to tip over. It's still possible to move with some speed on the water, but don't forget that kayaking can put on quite the exercise!

Sign ups are in-store or at the lakefront!

All patrons can visit our store, located in downtown Hobart, to sign out the rental in-person and fill out a rental agreement. You may extend your rental time if you wish, and it is $5 less for each subsequent hour.

You can also rent directly at the lakefront, which is located on the pier behind The Art theatre and Cagney's Bar - just north of the clock tower ƑOnly during the Summer Season).

Personal floatation vests will be provided for each paddler. The sun can be brutal without the proper preparation, so we recommend each paddler bring the following:

  • Hat/Visor
  • Sun Glasses
  • SPF 50 or higher Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Bottle of Water

We also sell various watersport gear such as Rashguards, which can be a comfortable and stylish way to protect yourself from the elements!

Guided Tours from LCDS!

We are currently looking to start guided tours from Hobart to Lake Michigan. Although we do not have an estimated time of when we will begin tours: we will most definitely have the full experience ready at the beginning of the next year's season.

Giving Back to the Community

Lake County Divers Supply has been a apart of downtown Hobart for over 20 years. We understand that there's a need for fun and inexpensive activities for the Northwest Indiana region, especially something that keeps people active.

Thanks to the wonderful people of Hobart, we have been given the opportunity to provide an incredible experience for people of all ages. We hope you'll enjoy being on Lake George as much as we do, and our community looks forward to see you out there with us! Paddle on!